Q1: Who are the sellers?

Sellers are typically producers, farmers and cooperatives of agricultural crops. All sellers are verified by our platform through a seller specific (KYC) process, to keep market wide credibility.

Q2: Who are the buyers?

Buyers can be referred to as industrial buyers, whom may be crop processors, food manufactures, food retailers, etc… All buyers are verified with a buyer specific (KYC) process.

Q3: What is kyc?

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is the process we use to verify the identity of our platform users, assessing their reliability and trustworthiness to perform digital crop transactions over the Agri Marketplace platform. To obtain a KYC verified account, we require the user to provide us with 1. company registration, 2. proof of user ID and address, and 3. proof of company IBAN.

Q4: Are contracts legally binding?

YES! Once both parties agree upon the terms & conditions of their transactional deal, then these terms and conditions become legally binding. This makes sure that both buyer and/or seller take full responsibility if a transaction is not performed in accordance to the agreed upon terms & conditions.

Q5: How much does it cost?

Agri Marketplace charges a small fee to both buyer and seller, only after the transaction is made on the platform. Our fee price is based on the transaction’s value & volume. We only apply transparent prices and keep our users updated about our fee throughout the whole process.

Q6: How are payments made?

We provide securely integrated payment options to all our users. Allowing you to pay transactions at any moment and from anywhere.

Q7: How is money received?

Once an agreement is made, and the transaction proceeds, the buyer’s payment amount is deducted from his Agri MP Wallet and held in Agri Marketplace’s escrow account, until the product is delivered in accordance to the established terms & conditions. When the buyer accepts the delivery, we immediately deposit the money into the Agri MP wallet of the seller, which is then automatically transferred to the seller’s commercial bank account. Note that advanced payments are received immediately upon the agreement of both parties.

Q8: How do you guarantee crop quality?

We provide the ability for both buyers and sellers to request crop quality checks. All quality inspections are performed by our specialist partner SGS. The quality inspections can be performed at sellers origin, buyers destination and /or along the transportation process.

Q9: What logistic options are there?

Our platform provides you with the ability to choose amongst any logistic incoterm. You are not forced to use our logistic services, and are free to decide upon other transportation methods. When requested, we provide you a logistics quotation that you can freely accept or reject.

Q10: Bulk shipment & terminal operations?

Agri Marketplace and its partners have agreements with the main port operators, allowing the customer to deliver / collect the goods advance, thus avoiding delays. We also offer transport solutions between the client's facilities and the terminal to complement the existing fleet and ensure no interruption of loading/unloading operations.

Q11: Shipping quantity restrictions?

We have solutions for the shipment in bulk or containers properly conditioned for the loading, unloading and transport of this type of products at reduced costs. Therefore we do not have any imposed quantity restrictions.

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